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Is the Year of the Dragon auspicious for you? Find out here

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a revered symbol representing strength, courage, and good fortune.

I’m happy to share with you some of the major energies to look forward to in 2024, as well as those to watch out for. As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, there are some key things to note for each sign to make the best of one’s luck for their wealth, relationships, career and health.

Author and feng shui master Patrick Rey Lim Fernandez: Year of the Dragon
Author and feng shui master Patrick Rey Lim Fernandez


Embrace this year as a platform for personal growth. Leverage the spotlight on you for showcasing talents, but be mindful of increased scrutiny. Navigate disruptions with resilience and reflect before making major decisions. The Canopy Top Star brings creative energy—apply it to your craft or learn new skills. Balance solitude with social connections and explore your spiritual side. Prioritize wellbeing with lifestyle changes, health precautions, and family harmony. Resolve family conflicts calmly. Commit to a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling year ahead.


Celebrate joy but practice mindful indulgence. Cherish both grand and subtle victories. The Academic Star favors learning and considers educational pursuits. Bask in the positivity of the Great Sun Star and embrace male relationships for support. Heavenly Happiness Star brings romantic and social prospects—be proactive. Mitigate Lonely Star’s impact with sociability and hobbies. Guard against disruptions from the Robbery Star and prioritize trust and safety. Consider charitable endeavors and home security. Overcome Bad Qi Star’s influence through self-reflection and valued connections.


Focus on the positive influence of the Heavenly Salvation Star and Lucky Reprieve Star. Navigate setbacks with patience. Express gratitude for blessings to attract positivity. Prioritize wellbeing, caution against risks. Strengthen family bonds during potential conflicts, emphasizing mindful communication. Safeguard health by avoiding unnecessary risks and seeking expert opinions. Manage emotions amidst challenges, view slow progress as an opportunity to rest. Be mindful of the Lonely Star’s impact on relationships, prioritizing elderly family members’ well-being and enhancing home safety.


Prioritize self-restraint and composure. Avoid unnecessary involvement in others’ issues. Confront past emotional wounds through open conversations or inner reflection. Stay realistic about support expectations, embracing diverse avenues of help. Be cautious of potential conflicts and disagreements and stay patient and open to diverse sources of support. Recognize and avoid individuals with malicious intentions, seeking second opinions in financial matters. Prioritize genuine relationships, remaining grounded against seemingly attractive opportunities. Guard your well-being, both emotionally and financially, fostering a stable and prosperous future.

Yeae of the Dragon: Wood dragon
The Wood Dragon is characterized by vibrant energy and promising opportunities.


Maintain a meticulous and proactive approach to legal matters, staying well-informed and adhering to rules, analytical decision-making and professionalism. Demonstrate attention to detail in paperwork to avoid legal entanglements and financial losses. Mitigate risks of gossip and conflicts by staying vigilant, exercising caution, and making wise decisions. Cultivate self-awareness to navigate emotional fluctuations, trusting instincts over peer pressure. Keep emotional balance and distinguish genuine concerns from perceptions. Embrace resilience in the face of setbacks, plan meticulously, and focus on long-term goals for enduring success.


Embrace the Moon of Kindness by letting go of grudges and fostering forgiveness. Engage in volunteer work and support charitable causes for amplified positive effects. Cultivate mentor relationships for transformative insights. Collaborate with others to maximize the Earth Salvation Star’s positive impact, fostering growth through collective wisdom. Prioritize goals under the Authority & Fame Star, channeling energy effectively. Maintain a healthy work-life balance and use preventative care measures for well-being. Be vigilant with expenses to mitigate the Small Drain Star’s influence and consider investments and use wealth enhancers for financial stability. Navigate romance cautiously, resisting temptations, and fostering open communication for lasting relationships.


Utilize the National Treasure Star’s leadership potential to visualize authority and teamwork. Navigate clashes with Tai Suey as opportunities for transformation and embrace change for personal growth. Counteract financial challenges indicated by the Big Drain Star with disciplined money management, emergency funds, and wise spending decisions. Stay flexible and have a Plan B for unexpected changes and avoid shortcuts compromising integrity. Mitigate potential losses from the Leopard Tail Star by adopting a deliberate, unhurried approach, meticulous communication, and careful decision-making. Focus on details and clarity to prevent misunderstandings and financial setbacks.


Nurture relationships with the Purple Benefactor Star’s support and set clear goals, credit supporters, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Leverage the Dragon Virtue Star for problem-solving. Enjoy the Red Phoenix Star’s positive influence and focus on love, deepen relationships, and enhance charm for career success. Guard against minor accidents with precautions. Stay vigilant amid the Sudden Defeat Star’s unpredictability and seek guidance, plan meticulously, and stay adaptable. Prioritize health and mindful communication to navigate the Illness Star and embrace wellness and cultivate emotional resilience.


Lead with confidence, embrace opportunities to showcase leadership skills, and cultivate relationships. Prioritize safety and avoid risky activities and prioritize health with regular check-ups. Enhance communication and invest time in ensuring messages are clear to avoid misunderstandings. Maintain open communication in relationships and be proactive in addressing challenges and fostering understanding. Put extra effort into family relationships and spend quality time, especially with elderly members, and be attentive to potential health concerns. Cultivate self-awareness to navigate relationship challenges positively.


Believe in yourself despite doubts. Communicate clearly to get support. Embrace opportunities, take calculated risks for long-term success. This is a good year to be bolder with your investments, and try to diversify and increase your income streams. Connect with mentors. Combat loneliness with a strong support system. Be cautious of gossip and choose confidants wisely. Address conflicts calmly and directly. Prioritize health with a balanced lifestyle. Foster open communication in relationships. Your well-being is vital and maintain resilience and face challenges with a positive mindset.


Focus on your financial goals and seek expert advice for investments. Embrace travel opportunities for personal growth. Focus on safety—maintain vehicles, safeguard belongings. Nurture family health and symbolically reinforce well-being. Balance emotional responses and manage stress with support. Acknowledge tears as release, not weakness. Connect with loved ones for comfort. Safeguard your well-being and choose activities promoting balance. Your choices shape the year and invest in self-care for resilience and growth.


Prioritize health—physical, mental, and emotional. Adopt preventive habits for well-being. Guard against gossip and choose confidants wisely. Address conflicts directly and focus on significant matters. Manage restlessness with deep breathing and share feelings with trusted ones. Navigate impatience with awareness and safety. Cultivate self-control for emotional balance. Embrace stress-management practices for resilience. This proactive approach ensures personal growth and a year of harmony amid life’s challenges.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Kiong Hee Huat Tsai, Kung Hei Fat Choi! On behalf of the Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony, we wish everyone a very prosperous, successful, happy and healthy 2024, the year of the Imperial, Mystical Wood Dragon!

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