Say ‘I do’ to dreamy wedding destinations

Crimson puts the spotlight on its beach resorts for couples planning a wedding.

Sometime in 2021, I stood on a rooftop venue in Boracay and watched as a bride walked down the aisle on the beach. At the end of the short carpet covering the white sand stood the groom and the pastor, a fiddler and a photographer.

There was no one else. No guests. Just a table for two for after the wedding ceremony.

Photo from Crimson Mactan’s Facebook page

It felt so romantic with just the sounds from a violin being carried by the wind and the crashing of waves as the sun set. The orange light settled softly between Crimson Boracay’s beachfront villas and green rooftops, and we stood watching as the bride and groom kissed and then began their reception for two.  

I was living in Boracay at the time, and when the island would lift its pandemic lockdown, people from Manila would rush here before the island declared another lockdown. It felt like I was watching two such people who had decided, “Let’s go get married,” and just like that, they did.

Crimson Resort Boracay. Photo by Tanya Lara

Destination weddings conjure romance, sunset and beach, garlands and lights strung over tables, and an unshakable belief that love will last a lifetime.

That wasn’t far from the truth actually. The resort’s head of sales Cecille Kimpo said the couple had availed of the resort’s “elopement package” and had a wedding coordinator arrange the very small wedding.

A few weeks later, in December, someone from the resort also told me of another wedding. This time, an Indian wedding that lasted four days. The ceremony was held on the beach and the pre and post-events in the ballroom. Imagine that—four days of wedding celebrations surrounded by elaborate (and expensive) setups.

Crimson Mactan Resort. Photo from Crimson Mactan’s Facebook page

In both weddings, Crimson Boracay’s private beach played a huge part. That’s what destination weddings are all about—a beautiful and romantic place to get married outside where you live, a chance for family and friends to gather in a place that becomes extra meaningful.

It conjures romance, endless sunset and beach, garlands and lights strung over tables for the reception, and an unshakable belief that love will last a lifetime.

Crimson Boracay, Mactan and Filinvest

Bridal gown by Renee Salud

Last month, the Crimson brand of resorts and hotels held “Weddings by Crimson” to highlight their offerings for couples planning to get married.

The event showcased Crimson Mactan, which is set to reopen fully in December; the highly rated Crimson Boracay; and the city hotel Crimson Filinvest. The three properties, which operate under Chroma Hospitality, featured their three executive chefs to give guests a taste of their wedding packages.

Chroma Hospitality Vice President for Sales and Marketing Carmela Bocanegra

Chef Nickolai Stoyanov of Crimson Boracay, Chef Andrew Simpson of Crimson Mactan, and Chef Nicolas Pasdeloup of Crimson Filinvest City presented culinary creations that reflected the diverse flavors and cultural influences found at each Crimson property.

The event also brought together three fashion designers known for their wedding gowns: Hanz Coquilla, Pablo Mendez III and Renee Salud showed bridal trousseaus that captured what every bride wishes for her entourage.

The bridal gowns ranged from beach-ready (shorts and more informal gowns were absolutely gorgeous!) to traditional Filipino design, and “transformer” gowns that went from formal to ready to party dress in a snap.

Executive chefs Andrew Simpson, Nickolai Stoyanov and Nicolas Pasdeloup

Chroma Hospitality Vice President for Sales and Marketing Carmela Bocanegra welcomed guests saying, “Crimson Hotels and Resorts continue to be a symbol of luxury and impeccable service, making them the preferred choice for discerning couples seeking the perfect wedding venue.”

She also highlighted Crimson Resorts’ locations and facilities. In Boracay, the resort is located at Station Zero, a private beach enclave that’s far from the madding crowd, with villas and guest rooms overlooking the sea. Couples have the option to do a beach wedding or in a ballroom in case of bad weather.

Crimson General Managers Didier Belmonte, Arlene Tongco and Patrick Manthe
Beach wedding at Crimson Boracay. Photo from Crimson Boracay’s Facebook page

In Mactan, the resort has undergone a two-year renovation following typhoon Odette in December 2021, which leveled the beachfront and some of its facilities. Located just 20 minutes from Mactan International Airport, the six-hectare beach resort now has a newly renovated restaurant Azure Beach Club, 40 villas with plunge pools, and 250 guestrooms.

In Manila, Crimson Filinvest has made a name for itself as a city hotel with fantastic culinary offerings and a ballroom that could be styled up for any kind of wedding. Its location in Alabang makes it somewhat of a getaway too, plus there are malls within walking distance for those last-minute wedding must-haves.

Crimson Resorts are a dream for a weekend—what more to start one’s life together?  

For more information about Crimson Hotels & Resorts and their wedding offerings, visit their website. Brides and grooms may also register here.

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