Embracing time with Ji Chang-wook: Rado’s newest brand ambassador

The captivating Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Skeleton inspires audiences to “feel it”

In the realm of horology, where time is transformed into captivating artistry, there exist watch brands that tirelessly pursue perfection. And then there is Rado—a name that effortlessly transcends the mere trappings of luxury, embodying a spirit of audacious innovation that ticks with relentless brilliance. Amid these distinguished keepers of timepieces stands Ji Chang-wook, the dashing South Korean actor and musical virtuoso, who now commands the spotlight as the esteemed brand ambassador for Rado, a role that truly suits his impeccable timing.

For over six decades, Rado has orchestrated symphonies of horological delight, leaving watch enthusiasts spellbound with its iconic Captain Cook collection—an illustrious ode to exploration and daring escapades. 

In 2017, Rado decided to rewind time and unveil the vintage re-edition of the revered 1962 Captain Cook, sending shockwaves of excitement through the hearts of passionate connoisseurs. But Rado’s creative prowess knows no bounds, for now they raise the bar with the latest addition to the Captain Cook series—the breathtaking Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Skeleton—a timepiece that redefines the very essence of aesthetic innovation and leaves watch lovers in a state of horological ecstasy. 

This magnificent masterpiece embodies “The Art of Skeletonization,” a design philosophy that artfully strips away the superfluous and showcases the mesmerizing dance of gears and springs within. Crafted entirely from ceramic, with the exception of its caseback, this timepiece offers an unobstructed view into the captivating ballet that lies beneath its sleek façade—a sight so enchanting it could turn even the most steadfast skeptic into a bona fide horology enthusiast.

The monobloc matte-finished case, encircled by a circular-brushed plasma high-tech ceramic bezel insert, exudes an understated elegance that befits a tuxedo-clad gentleman strolling through a grand ballroom. A seamless integration of form and function weaves its way through the outer bracelet links, uniting them with grace and precision—a horological waltz that whispers of perfect harmony. A rose gold-colored index ring elegantly twirls alongside the sporty rotatable bezel, a classic charmer with a modern twist that beckons to be admired.

Gaze through the box-shaped sapphire crystal, and you shall see a dial that embodies simplicity in its purest form. Geometric indices and hour, minute, and second hands, treated with Super-LumiNova to shine bright even in the darkest of hours, choreograph a visual symphony that evokes nothing short of awe. By minimizing visual barriers, Rado extends an invitation to the wearer to revel in the breathtaking beauty of the skeleton movement, marveling at its intricate ballet with each passing tick.

Rado watch 2023

Ah, but the true magic lies within the beating heart of this horological marvel. Powered by the automatic calibre R808, this timepiece boasts an impressive 80-hour power reserve—a testament to Rado’s unwavering commitment to precision and performance that could make even the most precise Swiss metronome blush. 

The movement, adorned with gold-tone components embellished with Geneva stripes, emanates an ethereal quality, as if time itself were suspended within its mechanical soul. Adjusted in five precise places to ensure impeccable accuracy, this timepiece stands tall as a beacon of watchmaking expertise.

When the topic of Swiss watches dances in the air, Ji Chang-wook’s eyes ignite with an exuberance only true watch aficionados possess. 

“I have always been interested in Swiss watches, especially in unique designs and special materials,” he confesses, a grin curving on his lips like the hands of a finely crafted chronograph. “The Captain Cook is such a beautiful watch. I look forward to wearing it whenever I can,” he adds.

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