Historian Ambeth Ocampo, artist BenCab on art and identity

The Peninsula Manila’s ‘Art in Resonance’ on June 23 is part of the hotel group’s recognition of art as a universal language that builds connections.

Ambeth Ocampo—eminent historian, published author, popular newspaper columnist and a good friend of the artist—will join BenCab to talk about the National Artist’s search for a Filipino identity and the social and cultural context behind his work at The Peninsula Manila’s Conservatory.

Ocampo has made Philippine history more accessible and engaging to the general public through his books, articles, and lectures noted for their wit and ability to connect historical events with contemporary issues. Apart from his academic work, Ocampo is also the former chairman of the National Historical Institute.

(Above and below) On exhibit at The Peninsula Manila are BenCab’s works interpreted in tapestries by Moooi Carpets until July 21. Seats to the “Art in Resonance” with historian Ambeth Ocampo and BenCab on June 23, Sunday at 3 pm are priced at P3,888, including afternoon tea buffet after the talk.

The Peninsula is currently home to eight works of BenCab interpreted in tapestries by Moooi Carpets. The tapestries are based on Sabel, his acclaimed solitary figure of a scavenger emerging from a dark landscape, and on his Larawan paintings, inspired by turn-of-the-century Philippine photographs and borne out of his nostalgia for Filipino culture while living in London.

Sette Movementi, Triptych on Sabel 2 and Triptych on Sabel 3, Noong Bata pa si Sabel, Farm Boy, Isadora’s Dance, and Three Muses are on view at the hotel until July 21. For the duration of the exhibition, the hotel is offering visitors free access to all pieces and, for suite guests, guided tours and other activities.

Seats to The Peninsula Manila’s “Art in Resonance Talks: BenCab in Conversation with Ambeth Ocampo” on June 23 are priced at P3,888, which includes an afternoon tea buffet at The Upper Lobby. The talk starts at 3 pm and afternoon tea at 4 pm. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required.

Art in Resonance around the world

Elise Morin’s glittering SOLI at The Peninsula Hong Kong

Originally introduced in 2019 and since then adopted as a global initiative by all Peninsula hotels, Art in Resonance offers Peninsula guests deeply immersive experiences that promote the rich and vibrant cultural aspects of the cities in which they reside.

Designed to support both established and emerging artists, Art in Resonance is grounded in the recognition of art’s value to humanity, and as an inclusive and universal language that crosses borders and builds connections.

Hong Kong’s Grande Dame has commissioned and exhibited art installations from some of the world’s most groundbreaking artists. Among them are Tracy Emin, Richard Wilson, and Michael Craig-Martin, who were all exhibited at the hotel in partnership with the UK’s Royal Academy of Arts.  

Japanese calligrapher and contemporary artist Maaya Wakasugi at The Peninsula Tokyo

The Peninsula Tokyo’s art collection includes 1,000 artworks created by 60 different artists, nearly all of whom are Japanese. One highlight is the Lying Dragon Gate, a large bamboo sculpture by Keisen Hama that dominates the hotel lobby, and whose swooping shape depicts a dragon lying protectively atop the universe to ward off evil spirits.

The most recent artist the hotel featured is renowned Japanese calligrapher and contemporary artist Maaya Wakasugi. While in residency at the hotel, Wakasugi created original works in his signature style, blending ancient characters with modern, innovative design elements. 

Ivan Navarro’s Nebula XI at The Peninsula New York

The art displayed at The Peninsula New York reflects a selection of works from internationally known artists. Past exhibits include works by Andy Warhol, Francesco Clemente, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

The Peninsula New York has also exhibited installation of illuminated sculptural works by acclaimed Chilean artist Iván Navarro. Created with neon, incandescent, and fluorescent lights, his works take inspiration from the celestial spheres—as with Nebula X and Nebula XI which depict clouds where stars are born; or Constellations (South) and Large Eclipse (Yellow), which draw the viewer into the realm of heavenly bodies and astronomical events.

Canton Blue at The Peninsula London

Works from both emerging and established artists are equally championed at The Peninsula London. For its permanent collection, the hotel has commissioned original works from 40 student artists at The Royal Drawing School—all depicting British landscapes in a variety of styles and media. These are displayed in guest rooms and gathering spaces throughout the property. 

Other notable works at The Peninsula London include Floods, a mixed-media painting by Kevin Harman that uses discarded double-glazed windows and found household paints to unexpectedly beautiful effect; and numerous Asian-inspired pieces which grace the rooms of the hotel’s Canton Blue restaurant. One such installation, Many Exquisite Things by painter Dean Home, comprises a collection of intricately painted blue and white porcelain pieces—a creative nod to traditional Chinese ceramics.  

Dancing Leaves at The Peninsula Paris

The art collection at The Peninsula Paris includes 185 distinct works by artists from around the world, which provide a contemporary contrast to the classical interiors. 

Major pieces at the hotel’s public spaces include Dancing Leaves, an 800-piece installation of handblown Lasvit crystal leaves; Moon River, a marble sculpture from Xavier Corberó that evokes a risen full moon; and The World Belongs to Me, a mirrored, rainbow-ensconced work from Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu. Other pieces from Patricia Erbelding and Nathalie Decoster adorn guest rooms and suites. 

The Art Gallery of The Peninsula Beijing

The Peninsula Beijing’s abundant art collection includes more than 800 paintings, sculptures, and works of photography. Highlights include two five-meter-high paintings by Xinjiang-born painter Qin Feng depicting the sun and moon, which symbolize peace and spirituality in Chinese culture. The paintings intend to bestow good fortune on the hotel, and all who enter. The Art Gallery on the third floor of the hotel exhibits modern works by Chinese and global artists.  

For inquiries on The Peninsula Manila’s Art in Resonance on Sunday, June 23, call +63288872888, extension 6694 (Restaurant Reservations) or email diningpmn@peninsula.com or visit peninsula.com.

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