A mythical encounter: Bulgari’s Serpenti in Art collection weaves tales with contemporary artists

Sunwoo Kim, Zhou Li, and Sophie Kitching collaborates with Bulgari, breathing new life into Serpenti handbags

In an inspired fusion of myth and modernity, Bulgari presents the Serpenti in Art Leather Goods Collection. Collaborating with visionary talents Sunwoo Kim, Zhou Li, and Sophie Kitching, this capsule collection pays tribute to the enduring artistic allure of the mythical serpent. 

Within this exquisite tapestry, six handbags emerge as testament to the boundless creativity of these esteemed artists, breathing new life into Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti universe.

Sunwoo Kim, acclaimed for his symbolic dodo bird paintings, brings his artistic realm to the Serpenti Forever Top Handle bag. The day version envelops a realm of imagination, with green leaves embossed upon the supple calf leather body.

A surprise awaits beneath the flap cover, where a playful dodo bird emerges from the foliage. Meanwhile, the night version unveils a nocturnal landscape adorned with Bulgari’s renowned eight-pointed stars, as the dodo bird soars through a sky illuminated by gold glitter.

Enter the world of Zhou Li, a multi-talented Chinese artist whose lyrical abstract paintings reimagine the Serpenti Forever Top Handle bag. The ocean design draws inspiration from her captivating painting series, “Landscape of Nowhere: Water and Dreams,” enveloping the bag’s Calf Leather body in a dreamlike universe of ethereal blue and pink tones. Celebrating the raw power of nature and Chinese landscape paintings, the Forest design comes alive with delicate golden embroidery and exquisite applications, breathing enchantment into the very fabric of the bag.

Venturing into the conceptual realm, Sophie Kitching, the US-based artist, unveils her interpretations of the Serpenti Forever top handle bag. In her mesmerizing artwork titled Invisible Green, vibrant colors, petals, and leaves dance upon a white calf leather canvas, echoing the allure of the serpent’s scales.

In a contrasting design inspired by her painting Nocturne, intense colors unfold against a backdrop of mysterious black calf leather, invoking the enigmatic nature and metamorphosis of the serpent.

Witness the unveiling of these exclusive creations at Bulgari’s Serpenti in Art event during Paris Haute Couture, captivating both art enthusiasts and Serpenti devotees alike. Every limited-edition gem bears witness to the marriage of myth and modernity, luring collectors into an extraordinary odyssey.

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