Beyond broadband: PLDT Home leads the charge in proactive health management

Only 40% of Filipinos undergo regular check-ups and 33% seek medical attention only when they are unwell.

The pandemic has underscored a crucial lesson on a grand scale—people must prioritize their health regardless of the season. Even in the post-pandemic era, regular health check-ups and monitoring are essential.

Despite the importance of these, a recent study by the research institute Capstone-Intel Corp. reveals that only 40% of Filipinos undergo regular check-ups and 33% seek medical attention only when they are unwell. This trend poses a significant risk to public health, particularly given the prevalence of conditions like heart disease and diabetes among Filipinos.

A holistic and wellness event at Electric Studio in Taguig City

In response to this reactive healthcare mindset, the all-in-one health and wellness app, mWell, is on a mission to promote a proactive approach to health at little to no cost. Recognizing health as the most significant investment, mWell emphasizes its vital role in managing productivity, living one’s best life, and providing for family needs.

To reinforce this message, PLDT Home is offering complimentary mWell health passes to its Fiber plan customers, specifically those on plans 1699 and above, until February 29, 2024.

Each PLDT Home account with the designated plan receives an mWell health pass, offering features such as online doctor consultations, e-prescriptions, medical certificates, e-lab services, fitness and nutrition programs, a library of healthy recipes, and the mWell Score—a comprehensive health and wellness tracker. Notably, PLDT Home customers are also entitled to an ambulance service by Lifeline through the app for emergency situations.

Model, actor and mWell ambassador Fabio Ide

“Embracing both physical and mental wellbeing is key to a happy life. But it is not enough to focus solely on our personal health and fitness; we must also be mindful of the state of our family’s health,” emphasized Evert Chris Miranda, Vice President and Head of Home Digital Services at PLDT. “At PLDT Home, we recognize the paramount importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle within Filipino families. That is why we partnered with revolutionary health app mWell to spearhead the advocacy for proactive healthcare.”

PLDT Home and mWell announced their partnership at a holistic wellness-themed event, coinciding with Family Health History Day. The event gathered health and lifestyle media, bloggers, and fitness influencers for an indoor cycling session at Electric Studio in Taguig City. Fitness enthusiast and actor Fabio Ide also made an appearance.

The intention was to remind attendees to check their health records, adopt healthy habits as a family, and book free online consultations with mWell’s partner health professionals. The event concluded with a focus on good nutrition.

Miranda emphasizes the importance of proactive care in ensuring a long and fulfilling life. With PLDT Home, Filipino families can access the mWell health pass, a reliable companion for achieving overall health goals and receiving necessary health-related assistance promptly.

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