5 iconic horror scenes to scare you sleepless on Halloween

Horror stories have a way of impacting people — especially when they’re in a medium as visual as film or television.

As kids, we avoided them as much as possible. After taking in a horrifying scene or two on screen, no one really wanted to see a ghost or a murderous doll in the dark. The experience may be different for us as adults, who can watch these films for entertainment. But there will always be those traumatizing scenes that we won’t forget that easily.

After all, it isn’t a good horror movie if there’s no scary scene that lingers with us beyond childhood. Who can forget a classic like the shower murder with the violins screeching in Psycho, or Sadako infamously crawling creepily out of the TV in The Ring? The classics all have a particular sequence we know them by, and every horror film that comes out attempts to bring us viewers a memorable one.

Halloween is the perfect time to binge watch our favorite horror movies and shows as we relive the terrifying scenes that kept us up at night as children. PLDT Home has all the titles everyone needs for a proper scare-a-thon—there are so many to choose from across HBO GO, Lionsgate Play, and Viu, all of which are accessible at a better deal via a PLDT Home subscription.

Ready for some major trauma throwback? This long weekend, add these five horrific-turned-iconic moments to your Halloween 2023 watchlist!

That moment when you can’t seem to escape a stare (The Nun II)

Set in 1956 France, The Nun 2 follows Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga, American Horror Story, The Bling Ring) as she investigates the mysterious death of a priest and comes face-to-face with the demon nun Valak. It also takes place in a boarding school, where young students also encounter Valak and other horrors.

Just like the first movie and other films in the The Conjuring universe, Valak is a terrifying presence that often startles viewers with her dark, ghoulish appearance. One scene in The Nun 2 shows Sophie (Katelyn Rose Downey, The Princess) running through the school’s dark corridors, where she witnesses Valak watching her at the end of each hallway. The scene creates a tense atmosphere as viewers watch Sophie try to escape the hallways and Valak’s deathly gaze, making them feel like they’re running away with her. (Stream on HBO Go)

That moment when your home suddenly feels unsafe (The Grudge)

The Grudge centers around an American nurse (Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) living in Tokyo, who becomes the target of an angry spirit terrorizing her home. She later finds out that she’s living at the site of a deadly curse that claims the lives of those that encounter it.

The film is mostly remembered for the spine-chilling appearances of ghosts Kayako and Toshio. A scene that’s haunted many viewers to this day is the staircase encounter, where Kayako chases the protagonist while crab-walking down the steps. What truly makes this so terrifying is the croaking noise of the death rattle that comes out of her mouth. It was an unexpected scene that shocked even the most dedicated horror fans. (HBO Go)

That moment when gore becomes the name of the game (Saw)

For slasher film buffs, Saw is a definite must-watch. The entire franchise is centered around mastermind Jigsaw (Tobin Bell, Malice, The Road to El Dorado), and how he tests humanity’s resolve through deadly “games.” The first Saw movie sets the tone, introducing viewers to the types of “games” victims are forced to participate in. Most of the time, they have to hurt themselves to avoid getting killed.

Saw isn’t for the faint of heart as it shows a lot of gruesome scenes. Probably the most iconic was the film’s final segment, where Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes, The Princess Bride) cuts off his own leg using a saw to get out of his chains. Even with one’s eyes closed, Lawrence’s painful screams are very much heard. (Lionsgate Play)

That moment when you realize your misadventure is no fun at all (The Cabin in the Woods)

Horror fans love The Cabin in the Woods because of how it satirizes the genre while still maintaining the spooks. It follows a group of teenagers going on a camping trip — and as they spend the night in the namesake cabin, they witness disturbing horrors that are trying to kill them.

The Cabin in the Woods’ scares are inspired by other iconic horror movies, which can sometimes be comedic. But one of the most haunting moments in the film is when Dana (Kristen Connolly, House of Cards) and Marty (Fran Kranz, Dollhouse) discover a secret lab that houses all the horrors that are meant to torment and murder humans. They are later released in the lab, attacking all the defenseless scientists and workers. The entire scene is bloody and brutal, which has left a lasting impression on many viewers. (Lionsgate Play)

That moment when aliens don’t seem as friendly as those seen in cartoons  (Duty After School)

Korean series Duty After School tells the story of Seongjin High students who are recruited by the government to fight against man-eating alien creatures hailing from the sky. It’s the perfect series to binge-watch for people who love the sci-fi dystopia genre.

There are some, err, stressful scenes with the students trying to defend themselves from the creatures – something fans of gore and monsters will enjoy. One gruesome scene shows a group of students running away from an alien attack as the camera pans across a street filled with dismembered bodies. A female student who tries to shoot the alien also gets stabbed in front of her peers. That’s the worst one can ever experience during a deadly invasion, and with wild rumors of aliens swirling about nowadays, it’s something people wouldn’t want to think about if extraterrestrial guests ever come knocking. (Viu)

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