Sporting style: Team uniforms en route to Paris Olympics 2024

Discover the brands defining this year’s medal-worthy styles.

As we approach the Paris 2024 Olympics, elite athletes are not only honing their physical and mental prowess but also curating their style with precision. From Berluti’s timeless elegance for Team France and Just in XX’s culturally rich designs for Team Chinese Taipei, to Australia’s distinguished teal blazers courtesy of Sportscraft and Team USA’s athletes lounging in Skims, each national delegation is poised to showcase its unique fashion flair on the world stage.

Explore this year’s Olympic style narrative, setting the stage for medal-worthy performances both on and off the field.

Team France

Le Coq Sportif aligns with French elegance, outfitting Team France in leather bomber jackets, sleek white suits, and ombre tracksuits that seamlessly blend style with high-performance activewear. Collaborations with LVMH and Berluti add a touch of Parisian refinement to the team’s opening ceremony attire, reflecting a meticulous attention to detail.

Team Ireland

Teaming up with LW Pearl, an esteemed Irish womenswear label and fabric producer, Team Ireland unveils bespoke jackets adorned with subtle shamrocks and the names of each athlete’s county, a nod to both national pride and sartorial elegance.

Team Portugal

Channeling the vibrant motifs of Portuguese handicrafts, Decenio delivers a collection of Olympic ensembles characterized by refined polo shirts embellished with motifs of love. For the skateboarding events, Pedro Andrade’s designs for Cariuma bring a modern edge to Portugal’s athletic attire.

Team Great Britain

Adidas collaborates once more with Team Great Britain, blending navy blue with accents of white and red in a collection that effortlessly combines street-style chic with athletic functionality. Ben Sherman adds a touch of British flair to the opening and closing ceremonies, ensuring a polished and patriotic ensemble.

Team Netherlands

Amsterdam-based brand The New Originals showcases its design prowess with bold tracksuits tailored for Team Netherlands’ breaking team, featuring intricate badge motifs and precise piping. Additionally, Pedro Andrade’s designs for Cariuma bring a fresh perspective to their skateboarding uniforms.

Team Israel

Terminal X designs Team Israel’s official uniforms, combining style with functionality for both official events and the grandeur of the opening ceremony at the Paris 2024 Olympics. The result is a sophisticated ensemble that captures Israel’s modern spirit amidst the global stage.

Team Australia

Sportscraft presents Team Australia’s formal Olympic uniform, featuring structured teal blazers paired with pleated yellow and white skirts, complemented by crisp white sneakers. Indigenous artwork graces scarves and pocket squares, celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity amid the competitive arena.

Team Canada

Lululemon brings its signature athleisure expertise to Team Canada, offering a dynamic range of red and white jacquard pieces, including bomber jackets and vibrant crop tops. Designed by Laura Low Ah Kee and Shannon Savage, Left on Friday‘s beach volleyball attire promises both style and performance on the sand.

Team Sweden

Uniqlo partners with Team Sweden to create a sophisticated yet functional LifeWear collection, emphasizing quality, innovation, and sustainability. This collaboration ensures that Swedish athletes are equipped with attires that transcend the Olympic arena, designed to enhance both performance and everyday wearability.

Team Chinese Taipei

Just in XX‘s Justin Chou brings a fusion of sustainability and cultural vibrancy to Team Chinese Taipei’s uniforms, featuring innovative materials and abstract art by Paul Chiang. Designed for comfort in the summer heat, these uniforms embody Taiwan’s commitment to eco-friendly fashion and athletic excellence.

Team Philippines

Francis Libiran’s masterful touch adorns Team Philippines’ attire with bespoke barong designs, crafted from piña-jusi fabric. Each garment features intricate sun ray embroideries and Pintados-inspired patterns, celebrating Filipino heritage with a blend of elegance and national pride on Olympic night.

Team USA

Ralph Lauren‘s timeless elegance takes center stage for Team USA’s ceremonial appearances, while Nike offers a sleek, performance-driven fit for podium moments and basketball courts alike. Off-duty athletes will be clad in Skims, ensuring comfort and style, with The North Face providing cutting-edge uniforms for the climbing team. J. Lindeberg elevates golf attire with a high-end aesthetic.

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